Virpi KantoVirpi Kanto

When I work I don´t think of good things or bad things or of ugliness or beauty. I travel. Yet I need the beauty and form of which a sculpture consists. It´s nutrition to me. ”Beautiful” is a word: it includes a certain salute, a gesture, a bow that invites one to go on travelling.

The actual working proceeds without words and without an  inner dialogue. The travelling can go on only as long as one has respect to what´s  happening. Starting a work can be characterized by words like “humility” or “grace”.

As the work proceeds freely and through visual association, something begins to obtain a meaning. When more meanings appear the work becomes familiar to me. A finished work has more significance to me if I feel that it touches me personally. The wave-length in which an artist moves is not insignificant. Essential is, how he resonates with the universe. I explain to myself that the universe, or our conscience, is so vast and so unknown that it includes an endless amount of different resonances.

Making art is to travel in this infinity, in its micro- and macrocosm.


Virpi Kanto
Lehtimäentie 21
16300 Orimattila, Finland
Puh. +358 40 7253994
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Latest Exhibitions

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5.-21.12.2012 Christmas table - Take away

8.-26.8.2012 'Äkkisyvää ja Valoa'